Below are some typical tasks where we can assist your company to improve your business and profit:

  • How to build competitive paint specifications for large bridges in China?
    Present state is to use zinc silicate shop-priming, zinc epoxy primer, epoxy mastic and polyurethane topcoat. More details
  • How can you prepare a local sales team in China to deal with technically advanced customers.?
    Train , train and train again also by the help of” train the trainer concept” We have been involved in numerous training sessions and seminars all with the purpose of making the sales team understand the customers’ business and speak and understand the customers language. It goes without saying that product knowledge also is an important key. More details.
  • How can you give your sales team the best tools in the business? Sales tools are important. If you give your sales team professional sales tools they will feel proud and realize that they have and edge over competition. To see some examples press more details
  • How to select paint systems to the various parts of offshore platforms? We have experience from working with paint suppliers and offshore companies and we have developed software to select paint systems based on international standards. To see some examples press more for details.
  • Refineries and chemical plants have many different types of surfaces to protect from corrosion. How can you select paint systems for all these types of surface? We have a selector for that as well, but we can also develop selectors customized for individual companies.
  • What are the requirements for corrosion protection for cranes? We have worked with STS cranes and gantry cranes for container terminals
  • Is storage tank specifications different from other types of corrosion protection? For the external surfaces specifications are similar to standards for bridges or other large steel structures.Floating roofs for crude oil tanks are treated differently. For the internal surfaces we do not have the expertise, but we can give basic advice.
  • What kind of coatings are used for pipelines? Mainly fusion bonded epoxies.When liquid coatings are used for maintenance and refurbishment we have some experience as regard product types.