JGC has a unique training concept for sales people and coating advisers and any other member of your organisation who need to be informed about campaigns.

The concept is called interactive group work and it is based on a series of real world projects which is attacked by the groups using all the material that has been developed for the campaign, which basically is everything mentioned in this website for each individual market segment.

A training session can be 2, 3 or 4 days as required and it contains the following items.

  1. An agenda that will normally contain a short opening, a quick presentation of the material available and 1 or more group work.
  2. Presentation of the group work to a fictive customer.
  3. Development of action plans
  4. Quizzes, one with open books and one without any material.
  5. Certificates for those that pass the quiz exam.
  6. An evaluation form.

The heart of the training is the group work, where the participants prepare a presentation to a customer with the objective of being approved for bidding on an actual project.

As an example of a case to be used in a bridge session please click below.