How can jgc help you with technical service in China? We can assist you in setting up an efficient technical service organisation and help training the coating advisers. We van also help in finding qualified coating advisers through our association with Paint Inspectors at

A technical service concept normally has a number of phases, all of which are important to obtain a good result and the durability of the paint system as expected.

Pre-sale advice phase.

In this phase technical specifications and solutions are discussed with the aim of finding the optimal specification with a few alternatives.

On site  attendance phase.

This is taken care of by coating advisers. they advise on surface preparation and paint application, to achieve the best possible result.



During this phase the coating adviser(s) will use various measurements to document the conditions. The equipment used for that can be seen under the sub-menu for technical service.

The most important thing to check on site is the condition of the steel. This means the grade of unprepared steel and the surface preparation as described in a cleaning standard such as ISO 8501.
If you want to see a simulation of steel grades and cleaning standards according to ISO 8501 look at the sub-menu for technical service

Another important thing is to be able to deal with failures and failure analysis. To test your ability to deal with failure, their identification, repair and how to avoid them, you can click on the failure analysis menu item under technical service.

Reporting phase.

When a project is completed a report is issued with observations made by the coating adviser(s) during construction. The report details the conditions during surface preparation and paint application according to agreed service level and standards.

Maintenance phase.

At completion of the structure a maintenance specification and a maintenance guide should be issued. This will when adhered to extent the expected lifetime of the structure.

Follow up inspection.

In order to make sure, that the paint system is performing as designed, inspections are carried out at regular intervals such as every 5 years.