Offshore is a harsh environment with an aggressive atmosphere and demands for very long durability and structural safety. Standards for approval of paint systems and  suppliers has become more and more strict. NORDSOK and ISO 20340 are  examples where only the very best paint systems can pass the strictest test programs.



Although emphasis is on the corrosion protection as highest priority the modern topcoats such as polysiloxanes has proven to provide aesthetic performance with superior gloss retention and a contribution to the corrosion protection as well.

For offshore There is many interesting areas to protect against corrosion. The most important areas are:

  • General steel –  atmospheric
  • Exterior decks – atmospheric
  • High temperature areas
  • Other metals
  • Splash zone
  • Immersion
  • Cargo tanks
  • Other tanks

JGC has experience in selecting paint specifications for all areas and has been involved in successful operations. we have also developed selection software both for in-company use and based on international standards. Such a selector has been programmed based on NACE’s standard practice for“Corrosion Control of Offshore Structures by Protective Coatings”. This selector can be accessed from the following link