The downstream segment covers a lot of things such as pipelines, refineries and chemical plants. In the following  emphasis is on oil refineries.



In the downstream segment, there is many different metals and many different temperatures to be considered when an outline specification is prepared. Most of these areas are covered by a downstream selector software programmed by Svend Johnsen and available from JGC. In most cases however this selector needs to modified for each individual customer.

The selector deals with the following areas:

  • C3 medium Mild steel
  • C3 medium Galvanized stainless steel etc.
  • C4 high Mild steel
  • C4 high Galvanized stainless steel etc.
  • C5I  Mild steel
  • C5I Galvanized stainless steel etc.
  • C5M  Mild steel
  • C5M Galvanized stainless steel etc.
  • Hot surfaces 120° C – 500° C
  • Very hot surfaces > 300° C
  • CUI Mild steel
  • CUI Stainless steel

The selector can be accessed by pressing here.