Business platform.
Johnsen Global Consulting (JGC) is a an expert group with more than 100 years experience in sales, marketing and technical service for protective coatings to large steel structures, mainly in China. We also assist business to business companies in their marketing efforts worldwide. JGC has a practical approach to strategic planning and strategy implementation and takes part in building the required competencies into the sales force by interactive training. JGC has considerable experience from Asian countries especially China. Read about clients here.

Svend Johnsen.
The company is owned and managed by Svend Johnsen. Svend has worked more than 50 years in the coatings industry in various positions from research chemist, product development chemist,marketing manager and assistant to the technical director and sales & marketing director of one of the largest paint companies in the world. His highest position was as assistant to the chairman of the board. He has a long experience in Asia and has spent about 5 years  working with strategic/marketing/sales issues in China. During that period he has contributed to huge increases in sales and profit. During his work in China he has demonstrated that persistence even when competition is fierce pays off. To see Svend’s CV press here.


Is a very efficient sales manager with 14 years of experience in the Chinese protective coatings industry. He has had sales management positions within some of the largest paint companies in the field and has been instrumental in in getting large project in the bridge segment, port machinery segment,  Petrochemical segment and power generation segment. He is fluent in English language and Chinese Mandarin, Shanghai dialect and basic German language. To see Deric’s CV press here.

Chen Wenbo.

Is a highly experienced technical service manager. He has worked for several coating companies, oil companies and other large companies involved in protective coatings in China.
He hold a FROSIO certificate and NACE  certificate and has been involved in a very large number of large projects as a teamleader organising and managing technical service on-site for several large companies. To see Wenbo’s complete CV press here.